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Frequently Asked Questions

It's telling me my translation is wrong, but it's not.
The script is really rather stupid, and very pedantic. It splits the correct answers on commas, and ignores everything inside parentheses. Then it strips out various articles (as well as the infinitves' "to"). Finally it checks to see if your answer matches one of the correct answers exactly. For example, it thinks the definition of 'quam' is "(after comparatives) than; (with superlatives) as...as possible (e.g. quam fortissimus, as great as possible)". It will split on the semicolon and remove the parenthetical comments, so the correct answers are "than" and "as...as possible". If you put in either of these, it should say it's correct. If you put spaces between the periods of the ellipsis, it will tell you that your answer is incorrect.

If I was able to explain that clearly enough, and you still think it's incorrectly telling you that you're wrong, please e-mail me (eric@warmenhoven.org).

The only reason why you should care if the script thinks you're correct is to save yourself time checking your answers. If it thinks it's wrong, your answer may very well be correct, but you'll need to then compare your answer to what it thinks the correct answer is and see why it says you're wrong. Don't forget, spelling is important.

Are you going to add a verb form/conjugation drill or flash cards?
Hopefully soon!

Are you going to add the words used in Wheelock's but not in the Chapters' vocabulary lists?
If I have the time. If you have the time, send them to me and I'll be happy to add them.

This page is really ugly; you should fix that.
I know.

About This Page

Originally I had been using another Latin vocab site, which was very useful. However, there were enough things wrong with it, and the author seemed to be absent for long enough, that I decided to create my own based on it. I downloaded the vocabulary database and converted it to XML, and wrote several PHP scripts. Later I converted all of the XML to JSON and all of the PHP to JavaScript. You can find the full source (including the old XML/PHP) at GitHub.

I've tried to correct a lot of little errors with the dictionary (e.g. 'cecidi' instead of 'cecedi'). If you notice anything wrong with any of these pages, please e-mail me (eric@warmenhoven.org). I'll try to respond to email I get about this site in a timely manner.