I recently got married to Lisa Schranz.

Everyone wants a log. Before I started using WordPress, I used LiveJournal (and I keep a mirror). I also used to keep a log before I started using LiveJournal.

Of course, I also have a job. I'm not currently looking for a new job, but I do have a reasonably up-to-date resume.

Please email me (; if you want you can encrypt it using my public key. If your name is Warmenhoven and you'd like an email address, that can be arranged. (Fight spam.)

Useful Things

Latin Resources

Pictures I've taken (password protected at the request of people whose pictures are within; email me if you'd like the password)

My Flickr photostream

Useless Things (mostly computer-related stuff)

Software I've written

I'm a Debian Developer now, and I maintain a few mostly unused packages. I'm also available for key signings in the San Jose area; please email me to arrange that.